Absence hotline

If your child is absent from school, please contact the office on the day of their absence on the school absence hotline 49 697 177 or text 0437 265 024. Alternatively, please send a note to your child's teacher the following day explaining the reason for their absence. 

Impact of absence from school on the student’s access to learning time

Attendance during one school year – 40 school weeks
Equates to days absent during one school year…
Which means the number of hours learning missed is…
50 hours
100 hours
150 hours
200 hours
250 hours

When families plan events that require a student to be absent for more than 10 consecutive school days for any reason, parents should comply with their obligations in respect to compulsory schooling or compulsory participation under policy guidelines. They need to contact the office to complete the required paperwork to be approved and signed by the principal. Options available to parents within the form allow them to:
  • ​Seek an exemption from their obligation through the principal or
  • Negotiate with the principal to make an alteration to a student’s educational program or
  • Seek to make a flexible arrangement for the student through the principal

​If truancy is suspected, the matter will be reported to the parents and/or appropriate authorities. 

Arrival at school

Children have a better opportunity to perform well if they arrive at school on time and are able to prepare for the school day. Arriving late on a regular basis can impact significantly on a student’s ability to engage in and follow the lesson and may influence perceptions of the value of school and punctuality. For this reason we ask all parents/carers to make continued efforts to ensure their children arrive by 8:45am.

Parents who remain with their children until students have access to their classroom (or who collect them from school in the afternoon) are asked to ensure that their children comply with the school rules and expectations that apply to all other children during these times. All children have designated areas in which to assemble before school and should not be outside classrooms, on verandas or in the playgrounds. Compliance with these guidelines assists in maintaining consistency for all children and reinforcement of the school’s expectations without exception. Our duty of care obligations may be compromised if adult supervision and compliance with school procedures does not occur.​

Early arrival at school​

Arrival of students on the school site is to be NO earlier than 8.15am for children in Years 1 to 6 and from 8.30am onwards for Prep children. Children will assemble in designated areas to sit, and be supervised, until classrooms open at 8.45am.
Outside school hours care can be arranged with the provider if care is needed before 8.15am or after 3.00pm each day (depending on availability). Contact PCYC on 4942 3296.
Please note that for health and safety reasons the playground equipment is not to be used by students or their siblings before or after school.

Arriving late / Leaving early

When children arrive late to school they can be anxious and miss orientation to daily routines. We ask, out of respect for the teacher and the other students, that you make every effort to arrive at school on time. If you are not able to arrive at school on time, the following procedure is in place to ensure minimum disruption to your child’s class and teacher.

  • All students must be signed in and out of the school via the school office if arriving or departing outside of normal school hours
  • Children arriving after 9.15am need to collect a late slip from the office before presenting at class
  • Students departing before 3.00pm need to be signed out by an authorised adult through the office before departing (including visits to the Dental Van) 
  • Eimeo Road SS does not permit any person who is not known to be the parent/guardian/emergency contacts remove a child from the school - The parent or guardian enrolling the student must inform the school of any other arrangements for the student to being collected
Please note that students will not be released from the classroom to parents / carers without an appropriate slip from the office.

School departure at the end of the day

Parents/caregivers are requested to wait in the Prep covered area or the Hall after school until classes finish for the day. This procedure maximizes class time without distraction for the children and anxiety for individuals who cannot see their parent or carer waiting nearby.  
Students are dismissed at 3pm.  Once dismissed, students are to proceed home as directed by their parents/carers.  For safety reasons, children are not permitted to play on playground equipment after school: this includes the Prep Playgrounds.  Staff members are not rostered to supervise these areas after students have been dismissed from classrooms.
Parents/carers who collect students each afternoon are asked to ensure that their children are not left waiting for long periods after school. Where children have not been collected by parents/caregivers by 3:30pm, our school office will make contact by phone.

Last reviewed 25 October 2021
Last updated 25 October 2021