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  • Year 5 Camp

    Year 5 Camp

    06 Aug 2019

    Kinchant Dam Fun

  • Rock Pop Mime

    Rock Pop Mime

    01 Aug 2019

    ERSS wows audience.

  • National Pyjama Day

    National Pyjama Day

    24 Jul 2019

    Students raise money for special cause.

  • Whitsunday Voices

    Whitsunday Voices

    22 Jul 2019

    ERSS students inspired by authors.

  • Reward Days

    Reward Days

    27 Jun 2019

    ERSS students rewarded.

  • Onesie Disco

    Onesie Disco

    27 Jun 2019

    Disco held for ERSS students.

  • Chaplaincy Week

    Chaplaincy Week

    28 May 2019

    ERSS community supports our Chaplaincy program

  • McDonalds Maths Competition

    McDonalds Maths Competition

    28 May 2019

    Two ERSS teams compete in mathematics competition.

  • Student vs Teacher Netball Challenge

    Student vs Teacher Netball Challenge

    24 May 2019

    Action-packed Netball competition.

  • AFL Sporting Schools

    AFL Sporting Schools

    01 May 2019

    Free sessions for students

  • ANZAC Day

    ANZAC Day

    30 Apr 2019

    Eimeo Road students commemorate ANZAC Day.

  • Sports Days

    Sports Days

    29 Mar 2019

    Successful sports days were held for both the junior and senior students.

  • Cowboys Visits

    Cowboys Visits

    25 Mar 2019

    Cowboys players visited Eimeo Road State School to present messages about bullying.

  • Choral Festival

    Choral Festival

    25 Mar 2019

    Eimeo Road State School students participated in the annual Choral Festival.

  • Welcome Back Dance

    Welcome Back Dance

    28 Feb 2019

    Our Welcome Back Dance was held on 21 February, 2019.

  • Eimeo's Got Talent

    Eimeo's Got Talent

    11 Dec 2018

    Many talented students performed for their peers at Eimeo's Got Talent.

  • Year 6 Graduation

    Year 6 Graduation

    10 Dec 2018

    Year 6 students celebrated the end of their primary years at a special celebration.

  • Crazy Hair Day

    Crazy Hair Day

    19 Nov 2018

    Crazy Hair Day was held as a fundraiser to support cancer patients.

  • Remembrance Day

    Remembrance Day

    18 Nov 2018

    Eimeo Road State School captains laid a wreath on Remembrance Day.

  • Grandparents' Day

    Grandparents' Day

    16 Nov 2018

    Grandparents were invited into Eimeo Road State School, celebrating the achievements of the...

  • Eisteddfod


    31 Oct 2018

    Several Eimeo Road State School students performed at the Mackay Eisteddfod in October.

  • Bravehearts' Performance

    Bravehearts' Performance

    21 Sep 2018

    Bravehearts Education Team presented "The Ditto Show" on Thursday, 20th September, 2018.

  • Year 6 Camp

    Year 6 Camp

    18 Sep 2018

    Year 6 students enjoyed a five day camp on Magnetic Island.

  • Colour Fun Run

    Colour Fun Run

    18 Sep 2018

    Eimeo Road students participated in a fund raising colour fun run.

  • Multicultural Day

    Multicultural Day

    18 Sep 2018

    ERSS students celebrated cultural diversity on Multicultural Day.

  • Swimming Carnival

    Swimming Carnival

    08 Dec 2017

    Eimeo Road SS annual swimming carnival held at Pioneer Swimming Pool.

  • Girls' Programming Network Mackay

    Girls' Programming Network Mackay

    08 Dec 2017

    Girl's Programming Network Mackay held their second networking event for the year at CQU.

  • 2018 School Leaders

    2018 School Leaders

    08 Dec 2017

    2018 student leaders have been selected to lead the school next year.

  • End of Year Awards

    End of Year Awards

    08 Dec 2017

    Year 6 students recognised for special achievements with the presentation of the annual end of year...

  • Black and White Disco

    Black and White Disco

    27 Aug 2017

    Eimeo students and staff danced the night away at the Student Council coordinated Black and White...

  • Year 4 Bike Education Program

    Year 4 Bike Education Program

    27 Aug 2017

    Eimeo Year 4 students undertake their annual Bike Education Program at our local PCYC.

  • Yr 6 Canberra Camp

    Yr 6 Canberra Camp

    27 Aug 2017

    Year 6 students and staff undertake the annual Canberra Camp as part of the school's camping...

  • ICAS Science Competition

    ICAS Science Competition

    27 Aug 2017

    Eimeo students participate in the ICAS Science competition as part of an extension and enrichment...

  • Crazy Hair Day Fundraiser

    Crazy Hair Day Fundraiser

    14 Jun 2017

    Two senior students make a great sacrifice to raise funds for a very worthy cause.

  • McDonalds Maths Competition

    McDonalds Maths Competition

    23 May 2017

    Eimeo Road this year entered two teams in the annual McDonalds Maths School Teams competition.

  • Local Vet Visits Prep

    Local Vet Visits Prep

    16 May 2017

    Local Vet Dr Paul visits Prep students talking to them about his pets.

  • ANZAC Day Services

    ANZAC Day Services

    05 May 2017

    Eimeo Road students attend ANZAC Day services in large numbers at both the Mackay City and Northern...

  • Welcome Back Dance

    Welcome Back Dance

    03 Mar 2017

    The Eimeo Road State School community welcome all members back to another school year with the...

  • Safety Circus Visits Eimeo Road

    Safety Circus Visits Eimeo Road

    03 Mar 2017

    Mackay's local safety circus team made their annual visit to Eimeo Road State School performing and...

  • Student Leaders Presentation

    Student Leaders Presentation

    26 Feb 2017

    The Eimeo Road school community recently celebrated and recognised the 2017 student leadership...

  • Eimeo SS Here for Heart Winners

    Eimeo SS Here for Heart Winners

    23 Jan 2017

    Eimeo SS were judged the winners of the Westfund Health Insurance & Defib Shop Here For Hearts...

  • Final Parade Awards

    Final Parade Awards

    23 Jan 2017

    2016 Final Parade Awards presented to Year 6 students.

  • Whitsunday Voices? It's a wrap!

    Whitsunday Voices? It's a wrap!

    16 Aug 2016

    Eimeo Road students participate in the annual Whitsunday Voices Program, an outstanding celebration...

  • Superboat Visits Eimeo!

    Superboat Visits Eimeo!

    16 Aug 2016

    Eimeo Road students were lucky to receive a visit from one of the Superboats competing in the...

  • Bike Education

    Bike Education

    08 Aug 2016

    Eimeo Road Year 4 students undertake the annual Bike Education Program at the local PCYC.

  • Pump It Up Diabetes Awareness Day

    Pump It Up Diabetes Awareness Day

    08 Aug 2016

    Students and parents from 4LR participate in a very special challenge raising awareness for Type 1...

  • QSchools app

    QSchools app

    27 May 2013

    Download the QSchools app to receive the latest news, events and newsletters from our school.

  • Every day counts

    Every day counts

    26 May 2013

    Parents are reminded of the importance of sending children to school every day.